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Voting is a nicety to avoid the need to determine domestic policy matters without physical violence. The vote count demonstrates that the winner has more people on his side than the other guy. It should never be forgotten that voting is a more or less polite substitute for the exercise of raw power. Wealth can entice power, but power can forcibly take wealth.
With that out of the way, why should you vote?


On the National level, irrespective of the Party affiliation of the given candidate, you have no real choices on the deep levels that impact long term consequences. More or less behind the scenes interests, with very considerable resources of wealth, have influenced the two principal parties to the extent that you’re getting the same result from both.

Big Energy dictates what the GOP does and has a large say in the doings of the DNC. High Finance dictates to the DNC and has a large say in the doings of the GOP. The agenda on a national level remains the same regardless of party affiliation. The fact that much of the nonsense and venality that is apparent on the local level makes little sense until it’s understood that a large number of erstwhile party opponents are literally in bed with each other. When that is added to the equation, things start falling into place.


Perhaps the working point on the National level is that what you do voting wise is not likely to have much real effect on those things that are likely to matter to you if you vote as you are obviously expected to. As inferred above, that is because of the hidden agendas that may in fact be extremely adverse to your own. Politics on the National level has foisted a continuous mind set of voting for ‘the lesser of two evils’. This is not good. Perhaps we should start voting on the basis of ‘heightening the contradictions’. In other words vote for the candidate who will bring the ‘dark side’ into the light. Vote to ‘punish’ the expected recipients of your vote.

This is just a suggestion.


While most people get emotionally invested in national politics, it is the local politics that is generally of more immediate importance to the many than any other. There is much truth to the old proposition that “all politics is local politics.”



A harmful trend that is most evident is some of the extremely silly pronouncements of celebrity persons who speak on complicated socio-economic-political matters with no credentials nor qualifications to do so. Modern media unfortunately bestows large audiences of the gullible upon them and their ignorance is freely published and widely disseminated to their mass of consuming fans without the tempering effects of what was the historical process of vetting that once attended publishing/forum finding in the dissemination of opinion.

In this respect, the focus is usually a Feminine Emotive paradigm. Feelings and emotions displace hard rationality. The rules are tossed if they interfere with the short-term objectives of blind emotion. That has never been anything other than a disaster or incipient one. Of course, all females do not think this way nor do all males think to the contrary.




On the local level, learn what the realities are. What are they if you are concerned with safety and quality of life?

On the local level, the Sheriff and the DA determine to a great extent the tone and quality of your day to day existence.

Do you get public peace, dignity and order from the uniformed officials patrolling your communities? The Sheriff and DA oversee and/or appoint some or all of these lawmen. A mayor might have a say so.

Do you get fair and necessary enforcement, or do you get murderous oppression?



What is the ultimate arbiter for this process of Justice vs ‘just-us’?


The Courts and Judges who preside over them. Judges are the singularly most important individuals in the equation relative to the quality and nature of what you get from your local government.


  • Do you know them?


  • Do you know what they stand for?


  • Do you realize that how law enforcement might or might not treat you depends in large part how your Judges rule from the bench?


They preside over the fruits of the arrests with which they are presented. What they do determines the continuation or eradication of practices offensive to those who do not use their votes effectively.


Control of fairness in the process of civil and criminal law is a thing for Judges. What evidence is admitted? How fair are the court room proceedings? How fair and appropriate is the sentencing? Does the Judge use his opportunity to engage in appropriate social engineering? Does he use his authoritarian powers to act as a ‘village chieftain’ or is he a ‘zookeeper’ for benefit of the local ‘country club’ set? The people who sit on the Court benches wearing the bat-capes are very powerful.

Only the wearers of the special class of typically black academic robes can set bonds, revoke bonds; dismiss or reinstate charges; sentence to confinement or probation. They can marry persons, grant divorces; divest or grant property rights, set visitation, determine child custody, child support, spousal support and alimony. Judges determine the management and distribution of estates and include or exclude children or grand kids in the largess of a grandpa’s estate that was not covered by an adequate will. They appoint guardians for family members who have lost their mental acuity or can no longer find their way in society due to mental health issues. Judges preside over law suits and determine who does and who does not recover from a motor vehicle accident. They preside over juries that determine more complex issues in civil law and, of course, they preside over those all-important criminal jury trials and keep the proceedings fair and impartial or let them degenerate into mob lynchings or witch-hunts – either against ‘witches’ or by the erstwhile creatures in pursuit of their victims. Good judges keep the Law, the System and the People Fair, Honest and Impartial.



A lot of the complaints of ‘Black Lives Matter’ are misdirected insomuch as the true targets of their discontent are not so much the police, but the officials who would nominally hold the actions of the uniformed ones to account.


Registering to vote, a necessary step in voting, also gets you put on the rolls as a prospective juror. Community acceptance of jury duty yields Juries that do not dispense so much ‘just-us’ Justice but do their duty to deliver fair and impartial Justice and Equity.

The Sheriff who counts his votes carefully and knows where they come from is typically a master of practical public relations and will not let his subordinates unduly offend those who elect him. Your votes can have a dramatic impact on how you are treated if and when you are pulled over for a traffic stop in certain parts of your home county. In questionable circumstances, you might even avoid being pulled over in the first place because your profile is no longer so threatening or offensive – if you look like a voter valued by the boss wearing the number 1 Sheriff’s Badge.

In American Law, there is a thing known as ‘Prosecutorial Discretion’. This is the right of the prosecutorial authority to exercise its discretion in determining whether someone is to be prosecuted; even to decline to do so in the face of Probable Cause to go forward. What is often delivered is a brand of ‘country club’ justice that protects the well to do; the well-connected and their mutual collection of minions. Ordinary people are looked at as inconvenient nuisances or as enabling causes to thin the herd of riffraff or more commonly these days, to engage in more or less sanitized ‘ethnic cleansing’.

VOTE; especially on the local level.


Do your research on who you should vote for in the most critical positions: Sheriff, DA and Judges. Do not rely on hand out sample ballots mailed or handed out near the election dates by (mostly) charlatans who have been paid to include most of those on their ‘sample ballots’. Remember the principles of ‘voting to Punish’ and for the candidate who ‘Heightens the Contradictions’ rather than for the tired ‘lesser of two evils’ that has recently become our go to option. Remember that on the local level the press and mainstream broadcast media are often controlled by the same lame interests that would keep you down. Do your research; go vote.

Judge Joe Brown

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