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Trademarks and Intellectual Property


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A trademark or service mark is, and what it covers. A trademark or service mark is a word, slogan, symbol, color, sound or scent (or combination thereof) used to indicate the source, quality, and ownership of a product or service. Trademark applies to tangible products and service marks applies to services.

Some trademark facts…

  • Brand names, a synonym for trademarks and service marks, are important intellectual properties upon which the public learns to rely to identify a source and a standard of quality of the products or services it purchases.
  • Trademarks assist consumers in evaluating the quality and consistency of a product or services when making purchases.
  • When a brand develops a reputation of quality associated with it, the brand is said to enjoy “Goodwill.” Name recognition or “goodwill” is a very valuable asset to a company.
  • Trademark rights arise through use of the mark.
  • Trademarks do not have to be registered with the State and/or the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), but it is extremely beneficial to do so.
  • Trademark protection can last indefinitely if certain requirements are met.

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