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How To Find a Rich Man In the Social Media Era

All Women Are Hypergamous

Hypergamy is defined as ‘the act of a woman marrying a man of a higher social class.” As a historic matter, hypergamy has been the most common form of marriages in most cultures. A man with resources, wealth and possessions has long been found to carry infinitely more appeal and lusted after by women, irrespective of his physical attributes and sexual prowess, than his less resourceful counterpart. It is therefore, no big unveiling that women of all calibers aspire to a life of comfort and ease, if not luxury. A man in a position of providing such a life, will carry with him, an inordinate sense of appeal. Such a man very rarely cares that the appeal is hardly intrinsic, and only specific to his accumulation of possessions. After all, life itself is nothing but a series of trade-offs. So, consequently, what such a man trades for his finances, is the ability to choose from the very top-tier of the dating pool.  In choosing, he almost always appeals to his sense of sight, rather than his sense of thought.

How Cosmetic Surgery Changed the Playing Field

             Today, where Instagram is replete with Kardashian and Beyoncé look-alikes brought to us by way of the uniformed sculpting of Doctor Miami and his less expensive and less famous cosmetic surgery counterparts, the availability of fine women is in over-abundance. Women are no longer spectacular and unique in their aesthetic appeal when everyone looks and shapes the same.

With women disproportionately outnumbering men in most cities, top-tiered men equipped with wealth and resources, now have an even higher over-abundance of beautiful women and their clones to choose from. This reality, in turn, makes it more difficult for women with hypergamous intentions, who financially invested in their looks with the intent of capitalizing on their investment by landing a rich husband. It is no longer a shocker to read of many Instagram models, who, even after attaining social media fame, were revealed to be engaging in prostitution, theft, and other levels of degeneracy to sustain their perceived globetrotting, fine-dining and big-balling lifestyles. It is just not enough wealthy and unmarried bachelors for all these women’s investments to prove as profitable as they had hoped, at least without having to resort to some level of degeneracy for many. As a consequence, most have found themselves settling for being flown out, wined, dined and gifted with shopping sprees in place of being wed.

The euphoria derived from the experiences, is usually directly linked to the amounts of “likes” garnered from the latest pictorial display of the perceived lifestyles. But, not unlike so many other euphoric generators, the effects are addicting, and even before the women are fully able to perceive it, they become caught up in the cycle of chasing the next vacation and the next man of means, in order to sustain the euphoric high derived from the lifestyle.

Recent studies have found Instagram to be a big contributor to, and even the primary source of many young women’s depression and low self-esteem. Between the overt display of materialism and physical perfection, young women are feeling more and more inadequate. While no amount of logic will appeal to a young woman who is being bombarded with images of the ideal body, facial structure and lifestyle, the importance of realizing that there’s always more to the lifestyle than what meets the eye, cannot be overstated. Consider the recent criminal case of one-half of the famed Clermont twins, who was arrested and charged with fraud, and identity theft linked to her recently deceased client who had allegedly paid her a measly $400 for their sexual encounter. Shannade Clermont is reportedly facing up to twenty years in prison if convicted. And this arrest came after them appearing as models for the “Yeezy” brand and amassing over 830,000 Instagram followers.

Prior to Clermont’s arrest, Instagram influencer known for her lavish lifestyle and who was dubbed by the media as “Cocaine Babe” was sentence to eight year for cocaine trafficking, a job she accepted from a “rich man” who promised to finance her lifestyle by paying her $100,000 for assisting with the trafficking of 290 pounds of cocaine.

If Shannade Clermont and so many other social media famous women with perfectly sculpted features and high visibility are having to resort to $400 prostitution dates and drug trafficking, then one should think there is obviously something amiss. What has become apparent is, very few of these women are actually being wed.

Quality Men Marry Quality Women

           Here is what is happening. Gone are the days of old when top-tier men choose women of lower status. In actuality, quality men almost invariably marry quality women. When every woman brings an over accentuated rear-end, surgically enhanced features, and are barely identifiable from each other, not only is the competition for quality men exceedingly strong, but these men have the luxury of requiring more than physical aesthetics being brought to the table. So, as a consequence, very rarely are they found marrying your Instagram model or Twitter honey.

Funny enough, despite the image portrayed by a select few rappers or ball players, men of substance typically marry women of substance. Quality men seek to marry women who make them better men. Every woman should desire a man of quality. Quality in a man isn’t limited to his accumulation of assets or success, but encompasses his values and morals, as well. Anything less than that, is for a woman to settle. It then logically becomes in a woman’s best interest to seek to become a woman of substance – a quality woman herself; so, she too will have the option of choosing from the very top of the dating pool.

So, then, it behooves a woman to focus on acquiring that STEM degree if that is the route she chooses, or to launch that business, all while prioritizing self-love and nurturing her virtuous qualities. The empowerment that comes with the realization of one’s own self-growth and accomplishments will far outweigh the gratification any amount of “likes” on social media will ever deliver. Becoming a top-tier woman encompasses much more than physical appeal. A woman of substance is never cookie-cutter – she doesn’t come along every day. But most importantly, she possesses self-awareness and is reluctant to compromise her virtues and values as she brings her very essence to the table.

In becoming a woman of substance, high quality men will find you.

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