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Five Ways To Help Your Woman Grow

A successful relationship between a man and a woman requires both parties involved to help make the other person better. If you are a man who wants success in his relationship as well as other areas of life, you would be smart to take heed to the five ways YOU can help that special lady in your life reach more of her goals, and in turn attain more of your own goals.


  1. ACTIVELY LISTEN: Pay attention to her goals and help her strategize how she is going to achieve them. First, sit down and let her educate you on the skill sets she currently has. Why is this important? Anytime a person has to educate another on a specific subject, they organize their knowledge and improve their own understanding and recall. (Article Link:


  1. SUPPORT: Provide space for her to express her ideas, and provide lively encouragement early and often, as you see her working hard to get better. You’d be surprised the amount of inspiration a woman can get from a man that is constantly encouraging her to go after her goals.


  1. SHARE: See an article or podcast that is in line with her goals? Share immediately! This is probably the simplest and easiest way to help your significant other. If you’ve been listening to their goals and dreams actively look for a quick article, book or podcast that would be relevant to her journey. This takes 5 minutes out of your day, at most.

Do a mental inventory check of the skills you already have and ask yourself how those skills can help her increase and gain the skills needed to achieve her goals.

Keep in mind you may not have all the skills to help out, but you do have the ability to reach out to someone in your network, and connect them to your significant other.


  1. TEACH: Do you have the skill set, expertise, or experience which the women in your life can benefit from learning?

Take time to teach her skills like salary negotiation, business planning, personal finance etc.  if these new skills will help her achieve her goals.


  1. TAKING RESPONSIBILITY FOR YOUR OWN GROWTH: The most efficient way you can help your significant other grow is to focus on becoming better in every area of your own life. What this looks like: consistent personal development, embracing discipline, committing to your own goals, adopting a positive mindset, etc.


Obviously, this is not a definitive list, BUT this will help you and your partner get on the right path to reaching your goals as individuals and as a couple.


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    This is a great article, and a phenomenal way of strengthening a relationship!

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