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Benefits of Having a Good Credit Score

A credit score is your individual risk assessment profile. Incidentally, it also moonlights as a psychological profile of an individual and is used to penalize and limit the financial flexibility of those existing on the lower end of the credit scoring spectrum. We live in a capitalistic society where we are competing with and being […]

14 Cautionary Lessons From The Life of Brittany Renner

It is quite easy to laugh at someone who publicly expresses their own ‘L’s’, and Brittany Renner’s admission in her tell-all book about flying out to be with (who the blogs have been speculating to be Kapernick), at his instruction on her purchasing her own flights and then getting ghosted by him is certainly a […]


Voting is a nicety to avoid the need to determine domestic policy matters without physical violence. The vote count demonstrates that the winner has more people on his side than the other guy. It should never be forgotten that voting is a more or less polite substitute for the exercise of raw power. Wealth can […]

Five Ways To Help Your Woman Grow

A successful relationship between a man and a woman requires both parties involved to help make the other person better. If you are a man who wants success in his relationship as well as other areas of life, you would be smart to take heed to the five ways YOU can help that special lady […]

Seven Signs You Are Suffering From Poverty Mindset

One of the most severe illnesses afflicting many people is the poverty mindset. While it can be cured, the carriers of the disease very rarely wish to be cured and oftentimes, aren’t even aware of the symptoms and their own affliction. Poverty mindset isn’t simply about being poor, it plagues the mind of people who […]

How To Find a Rich Man In the Social Media Era

All Women Are Hypergamous Hypergamy is defined as ‘the act of a woman marrying a man of a higher social class.” As a historic matter, hypergamy has been the most common form of marriages in most cultures. A man with resources, wealth and possessions has long been found to carry infinitely more appeal and lusted […]

The Career Woman Is An Asset To Her Man

The Stay-At-Home Mom Black women are the most dynamic creatures on the planet. In all their magic, they have been biologically assigned the tasks of burden bearers, nurturers, caregivers, the family glue and consequently, societal glue, – all this, long before they ever had a chance to accept these responsibilities on their own volition. Many times, this assignment […]