Legal Consultations, Financial Advice, Life Coaching and Web Development

About Us

A collective of licensed attorneys, financial advisors, and entrepreneurs, united to leverage our skills, knowledge base and expertise with the sole purpose of creating a multi-state, multi-level networking platform for professionals with shared goals of aggregating economic power through group alliance.

        We are strongly committed to the actualization of the economic empowerment and enrichment of all downtrodden people.

           We stand acutely aware that the very people who fall at the base of the economic totem pole are generally most lacking in money management skills, financial literacy and knowledge of the law. We aim to revolutionize the consciousness as it pertains to the upliftment of the people. With economic empowerment being our pivotal purpose, we seek to educate with the provision of practical knowledge as an escape route from poverty. Which brings us here to extend our services ranging from legal consultations with licensed attorneys, legal document preparation for those self-representing, financial advice, credit repair, business development, website development, content creation and life coaching. The New Black Order is a full site service whose services ranges from helping with the inception of a business to structuring the business’ sustainability, to individual personal development. 

We are seriously committed to revolutionizing the way we have all been taught to view wealth, success and its acquisition, and if you are too, JOIN US.