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Reduce your personal liability by separating your personal assets from your business and let us create a business for you.


Legal document preparation is a service being offered to individuals who are representing themselves; who might not be able to afford the cost of an attorney or simply think an attorney isn’t needed for the kind of service required. 


A trademark or service mark is, and what it covers. A trademark or service mark is a word, slogan, symbol, color, sound or scent (or combination thereof) used to indicate the source, quality, and ownership of a product or service. Trademark applies to tangible products and service marks applies to services.


Financial advice, otherwise known as financial planning, is an ongoing process to help you make sensible decisions about your money to help you reach your financial goals. The evaluation takes in account current and future financial states and generally includes objectives such as, paying off debts, saving for retirement, legacy planning, etc. 


Legal consultation is not legal representation and should never be construed as such. A legal consultation is a meeting between a licensed practicing attorney and a potential client in which the potential client provides the facts and circumstances of his/her situation to the attorney. Based on the facts provided, the attorney then consults the potential client on his/her possible options, the probable outcome of the case, and the cost of representation.


Without active involvement in your credit, the Credit Bureaus retain negative and derogatory items on your credit for a lengthy 7 to 10 years. They, however, cannot guarantee the accuracy and correctness of the information being reported on your credit – information that can prove costly and detrimental to your ability to obtain a mortgage, a car, an apartment and in many cases, even a job.


Get your business off the ground or revamp your business and let us create a professional website to garner you online visibility and launch you on your path to entrepreneurship

Our team of professionals hold extensive experience in web design, brand identity and strategic planning.


Life coaching is a synergistic relationship between a life coach and the client, strategically designed to unearth the client’s full but yet realized potential. A life coach is a life specialist holding expertise in helping people develop in areas of business and personal life. Those desiring a life coach are usually in transitional periods and wanting more out of life, but are uncertain how to bring their dreams and goals to fruition. A life coach works to establish a plan for you to accomplish those dreams.